Iron Serenity is primarily the life work of Songwriter/Singer/Producer Pete Ashman. Born and raised in Manchester, England, he was naturally influenced by popular local bands such as The Stone Roses, The Smiths and Joy Division to name just a few, though it is evident when listening to his creations that he has a much broader array of influences – classical, blues, folk, classic rock and beyond.

Learning Piano at age 16, later picking up bass and eventually guitar – now his main instrument, he went on to study music production.

A move to Iowa, USA in 2008 led to him working as a long distance truck driver, landscaper, painter and dishwasher to support himself while continuing his passion for music, writing and producing in his free time.

In 2019, he was given 48 hours to leave the USA to avoid being detained in jail for 3-4 months awaiting an immigration trial with the odds stacked against him and the liklihood of deportation – all due to a 2011 arrest for possessing 0.3 grams (a joints worth) of marijuana. He now lives in Spain.

His experiences and eclectic array of musical influences contribute to an original sound not easy to categorize. He is often compared to Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen. Just like these acts, he stands alone as a unique talent. In a trivial and disposable landscape, this is stripped down substance that demands attention.